More Money, More Problems


I’m pretty sure we have all heard the saying, “More money, more problems.” There is an entire rap song about it. Let’s face it, the more money you have the more problems you will run in to…says no broke person EVER! That saying is a load of crap. Sorry Notorious B.I.G you missed the mark here!

I am not saying that if I suddenly inherited an abundance of cash that all of my problems would magically go away; they won’t. I won’t however have more problems, I will have BETTER problems. Instead of wondering if there was anyway possible I could work a little tiny vacation into my broke existence, I’d have to worry about if I want to fly smart on economy or fly like a boss in first class. Instead of worrying about getting the cheapest car note so that I can still afford to make my rent/mortgage payment, I can worry about talking the dealer down to 25,000 instead of 35,000 and buy my car flat out. Who needs to finance when you have the money to just buy the car..

Sure having a lot of money would lead to paying more taxes, or finding out you have this long lost family member you haven’t spoken to, who now needs to borrow whatever you can afford to give. Those types of “problems” do not compare to wondering what would happen if you got laid off from your job. Will you be able to keep a roof over your families head? Will you have enough money for groceries? That’s a very stressful way to live life and I am telling you all now that I personally am OVER IT!!!

My life isn’t horrible, my bills are paid, my kid is happy and that’s fine. However, after spending a ton of money at his favorite spot for his birthday, we now have to dial it back to bills and bills only. That means no fun time, no trips, no splurging, no “Treat Yo’Self.” I for one am tired of living that way. I want to be able to give my kid the birthday party he deserves, and not have it set us back a bit. He deserves it; so if we have it, he will get it and I am okay with being put on the back burner but it gets OLD!

There is no sense in whining about it. I am just going to change my life. It’s time to make more money and have BETTER problems. For each new step, there will be a new post. You all are literally going to start with me on my money making/saving adventure. As a stay at home mom, I have to do things a little differently so first things first.. I need to set a budget! Stay tuned for me to tell you step by step what my husband and I plan to do, to change our lives for the happier!