When Life Happens

Every time you’re in a good rhythm, life always happens. Sometimes the things that happen in life push you to be very strong. This is one of those times.

I am just getting home from a very long, very sad day at the hospital. Today I lost the most amazing, beautiful, kind-hearted woman I know. My grandmother. She was very sick but this was still so unexpected for me. I guess you can’t prepare yourself to lose someone you love dearly.

My Grandma had Stage 4 Thyroid Cancer and I am here to tell you that it did not beat her, cancer did not win. She did.. That cancer showed me just how much of a fighter that beautiful woman is. She fought until her very last breath.

I thought this would break me. Nope! It’s giving me the drive to really live my best life. It’s giving me the strength to be healthy, to be strong, to be wise and to be driven. My grandmother wanted the best for me so I am going to give her just that. It’s been a hard week for me but if I wasn’t already motivated to live my best life, I am 10 times more motivated. I will be happy, I will be healthy, and I will make her very proud.

Tonight my father said to me that whatever my grandmother wanted from or for me; make sure try my hardest to accomplish it and when I accomplish it, to know that she is smiling down on me and she is proud. I know whether I accomplish anything or not she is proud but that was the best thing he could have said to me. He is so correct!

To my grandmother: Words can’t express how much you mean to me, how you’ve made me a better person. It’s because of you I have strength, it’s because of you I have courage, and it’s because of you I am a fighter! And just like you, I will live my life to the fullest, I will be happy, and I will love with all of my heart.

To those of you reading who have lost anyone to cancer, know that cancer did not beat them. They were strong, they are beautiful, and they were fighters! Know that they love and care about you and they are so proud! They knew then and they know now that you are amazing! So live your best life as well and they will be smiling down at you!

To those who are still in that battle and or know someone who is, remember that you are strong, brave, and have courage that some could only dream. Know that no matter what happens Cancer can not win. The fact that you have the courage to fight means you’ve already won the battle. I wish you the best of health and I stand by you!

Grandma I love you, Rest Easy Beautiful Lady!