Spring Cleaning, Spring Money (Step Two)


It’s time to bust out the buckets and brooms. Spring is here and so is spending a countless amount of money on cleaning supplies. If you are like me, you won’t run to your local Dollar Tree or 99 cent Only store. You want your place to actually be clean. However, you are on a budget and let’s face it cleaning supplies, groceries, laundry detergent etc.. That all adds up and you start tapping into your money you put aside.

NOT I! I said I wanted to live my best life. Every little dime I can keep I am keeping. So I decided I needed to make sure that when I went to the store, I was getting the best deal possible. In order to get good deals, I needed to start couponing! Oh how excited I was to give this a try..  Here’s the thing, I heard you have to get the Sunday paper and clip all the coupons that you need, however in my city getting your hands on a ton of Sunday papers is virtually impossible.. I had to figure out how else I could collect those precious little money savers.  I went to the always helpful Google and found coupons.com.. JACKPOT; Coupon Central!!!!

I know, I know you don’t want to be the one holding up the line with a bunch of coupons. Yes it’s daunting at first but honestly when you wind up saving tons of money, the person behind you is typically in awe or silently wishing you would run yourself over with your cart. Either way you have way more money left in your pocket than them so who cares. After I found coupon.com, I figured there had to be some apps. Some miracle coupon apps. Sure enough:

The first app I downloaded was Flipp:


This app tells you where, and when to find the best deals on the specific products you are looking for. Put together your shopping list in the app and off you go to the very best deals! You don’t want to just go into a store with a manufacture coupon on a full priced item. You wont save much..

The second app I downloaded was ibotta:


This amazing app gives you money to shop! Enough said… Insert your receipt and let the payout happen! P.S. If you feel like you want to download this app feel free to enter my (referral code: geoiaiw) I’m trying to make the best out of this app I had to throw that in there!

As I was getting all of my coupons together, I received an alert from flipp. It was letting me know that the majority of the items on my shopping list were on sale at Family Dollar. I was thrilled, so I gathered up my coupons, clicked to the Flipp app to see what coupons I needed, and it turns out that I didn’t need them at all! Family Dollar has an app and those same coupons from coupons.com where on the Family Dollar app. That means, when I got to the register all they’d have to do was scan the bar code. Talk about convenience. I get in my car, drive to family dollar and made sure to get what I went in there for only! Cleaning supplies and trash bags! I had a manufactures coupon for $5 off of $15 or more on Clorox and Glad items. Family dollar had some items on sell for 2 for $3 so I was on it! Added this to my cart: (please ignore the food, pans and tops as I am a mom and I hadn’t got around to cleaning that up yet.)


My total ended up being $15.46 with my coupon in subtotaled $10.46.  With tax my total was $11.27: I put my receipt in my ibotta app ( and boy did I choose the right day) I received enough cash back that I got $10 dollars back and because it was a new account I received another $10 back! Needless to say, I spent nothing..

For my first couponing adventure I did pretty well for myself! It wasn’t much but it sure was worth it!  I had all the cleaning supplies I needed and I actually got more money back then I paid for it.. That is a complete and total win in my book!

Spring Cleaning, and no money spent! This stay at home mom is making this life work for her! This is Step Two of changing my life for the better! Step three is coming soon..