What is FabFitFun


Fabfitfun is a Lifestyle Subscription box that comes once a season. It is $49.99 a season or $179.99 for the year.. In each box you’ll find an assortment of full sized items (Beauty, Fashion, Wellness and/or Fitness) Get $10 off your first box Here

Lets Talk Prices:

Seasonal Members: Your box will be billed $49.99 and shipped every few months unless you you cancel. Seasonal members have a different billing date from annual members unless you have Add-Ons. (Add-ons are explained below) It usually takes about 7 to 10 business days for your box to ship after your billing date. If you happen to sign up and you are to receive an Editors Box (The between seasons box for new members) Your box will be shipped with in 7 to 10 business days upon signing up. Your subscription will automatically renew every season.

You can cancel at anytime, if you cancel after a current seasons billing date, you will still get that current seasons box and then the next seasons box will be canceled.

For example: If the Summer Box is Billed on June 6th You have until a day or so before to cancel, If you cancel too late you will receive the summer box (you will still be billed). You will not receive the fall box.

Annual Members: You will be billed upfront for all 4 seasons $179.99, You will have somewhat priority shipping. (The shipping gets tricky when it comes to the Add-ons) Same as seasonal, it usually takes 7 to 10 bushiness days from the billing date to ship your boxes. If your first box is the editors box you will get that boxes 7 to 10 days after sign up just like seasonal.. You can cancel anytime. The difference is, as annual you paid for 4 boxes so you will receive 4 boxes rather you cancel or not. So if you sign up for the Spring box and cancel right after spring, you will still receive Summer, Fall, and Winter. Your account will not renew for the next year..

So why become annual? There are some perks:

  1.  Box customization, which means you can pick and choose the designs and colors of some of the box items. This is a big deal at times, because sometimes you can like a product but hate the design or color, it helps to be able to choose what you want
  2. Early Access to Add-Ons, this is a great perk I will explain in the Add-On Section
  3. First Dibs on the Edit Sale as well (I will also explain this sale. It’s similar to the Add-Ons)
  4. Priority Shipping is a bit of an iffy perk, but it’s a perk.


As a FabFitFun Member you get your pick of amazing items a couple of great Sales that FabFitFun offers. The Add-On Sale and the Edit Sale. These sales are very very similar to one another so I will explain them both together:

Add-On and Edit Sale

These two sales are similar in how they are ran: You can shop for extra goodies that are heavily discounted 8 times a year.

Edit Sale has a shipping cost if your purchase is Under $25, Add-Ons Ship with your box (no extra shipping cost) regardless of how much you spend. Each of these sales are seasonal as well Summer Add -Ons and to follow will be the Summer Edit Sale. There isn’t a checkout feature for either sale at the moment. You add the items to your cart and come billing day you will be charged for every item you have in your cart.


Which every item you want to purchase, you hit add to box and you just leave it in your cart.

This is where being Annual comes in  handy. These items are first come first serve, as annual, during Add-ons you will have a week before seasonal to add items to your cart. During the Edit you will have two days before seasonal. Popular items go out of stock very quickly.

When an item is limited you will see: Hurry! Only A Few Left

Almost Gone

When an item is Out of Stock You Will See:

Out of Stock

If something is out of stock DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED. People drop things in and out of their carts on a regular basis, if someone removes the item from their cart you can pick it up. You just have to be quick. So if you really want an item refresh your page until it becomes available and grab it QUICKLY!


You can add or remove items from your cart by clicking:

The red + to add extra or the x or – to Remove the items: The x means you are removing that item out of your cart completely


When You Are Satisfied, then just sit back relax and Fabfitfun will bill you on the listed billing date and your extras will be sent to you within 7 to 10 business days after that.

Edits are a separate sale and add-ons are shipped with your seasonal box.

It’s a lot I know but with the Awesome deals, this is something you don’t want to miss out on! Please remember to participate in either sale you must be a FabFitFun Subscriber.

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I will be posting the next seasons box as soon as it arrives! Look out for reviews!


FabFitFun also has an awesome forum where you can talk and share with fellow fabfitfun member! Also you have access to exclusive community only giveaways where you can win awesome prizes!

I won this prize pack for posting a Recipe: