Skillz! Is it Legit?

For the past 3 or so months I have been on and off playing these Skillz games. In these games you can play for money (instant gratification) or just play for tickets and redeem awesome prizes! Building up tickets for good prizes take time!

This seems amazing, but is it legitimate?! Are you telling me that if I play this game over and over that I can eventually win a CAR!?

I’m going to test this out! Right now I currently have 21,251 tickets my goal is to go for the brand new Ford Escape Titanium! I would have to earn 600 million tickets. I have a long way to go but I’m definitely going to play often!

To earn tickets, you just play the games! In order to play the games you have to have their tokens. You get 25 to start and you earn the rest by playing and winning. The more tokens you bet the more you earn. If you’ve run out of tokens, just watch their quick advertisements to earn more! There isn’t a limit to how many videos you can watch..

Tickets are a little different. Win or lose you earn the same amount. Earn enough tickets within a month (resets the beginning of each month) and your ticket earnings increases.. It also doesn’t matter how many tokens you play, You earn the same amount of tickets regardless! This should be fun..

Stay tuned to see how legitimate this claim actually is. Could you possibly win your own car? BMW, Porsche, and Camaro were the other options! Heck you could even win a yacht! I’m a mom, I need the more family oriented vehicle. Let’s see if they are for real…